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Nicholas Farley • May 4, 2023

How does economic uncertainty impact bank guarantees?

We assess how periods of economic uncertainty can impact bank guarantees, and how the shift to digital has the potential to resolve these challenges.

Nicholas Farley • Apr 26, 2023

Who are the teams winning from digital bank guarantee adoption?

Bank guarantees are typically handled by finance teams, but the benefits of digital bank guarantees are much further reaching than their paper counterparts.
Customer Success

Nicholas Farley • Mar 31, 2023

Digital bank guarantees vs cash deposits for business

The adoption of digital bank guarantees has changed the preference for organisations that once relied on cash deposits.
Customer SuccessExplainerTools

Nicholas Farley • Feb 22, 2023

The price of a bank guarantee

With around 400,000 bank guarantees in circulation within Australia and New Zealand, many organisations rely on them to protect their cash flow and manage their risk.

Nicholas Farley • Nov 24, 2022

Paper vs digital: The hidden costs of the paper bank guarantee lifecycle

Flexibility, security and transparency benefits are well documented, but the environmental benefits of moving away from paper are often overlooked.

Nicholas Farley • Oct 3, 2022

Lygon Explained #2: Applicants, beneficiaries and issuers

In this article from the Lygon Explained series, we explain the parties involved in the bank guarantee process: the applicants, beneficiaries and issuers.

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