The platform for digital bank guarantees

Value of guarantees

From paper to pixel

Before Lygon, bank guarantees were difficult to store, complicated to obtain and impossible to change.

With Lygon, bank guarantees are made easy.

Why Lygon?

Unlock the benefits of digitisation

Discover how the Lygon Arc platform transforms your bank guarantee process.

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Recieve your bank guarantees with a streamlined workflow.

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Amend or cancel your bank guarantees with the click of a button.

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Store your bank guarantees in an immutable digital vault.

Eye visibility


Access all your bank guarantee data in one place.

The savings

Statistics modelled per 1,000 bank guarantees.


Operating Expenses

Improving operations creates significant cost reductions.


Business Days

Removing manual processes can save organisations 15 days per guarantee.



Eliminating physical transportation minimises environmental impact.

Platform features

A multi-industry solution

The Lygon Arc platform streamlines the bank guarantee process for everyone. With rapid communication and 24/7 visibility, we have transformed financial agreements forever.

Audit Trail

Record every interaction with your bank guarantee book.

Filtering and Reporting

Run and export detailed reports of your bank guarantee book.

Secure Cloud Storage

Access your bank guarantee book from any place, at any time.

Dynamic Dashboard

Recieve up-to-date analytics of your bank guarantee book.

We are partnered with some of Asia Pacific’s biggest brands.

Discover how digital bank guarantees are revolutionising the financial services infrastructure.

Waverley Council

"The benefits of moving to a digital guarantee platform were obvious to the team at Waverley."
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Auckland Council logo

Auckland Council

"The platform will allow Auckland Council to take a bold step towards meeting 'Auckland Plan 2050' objectives."
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Schnidler logo

Schindler New Zealand

"This [platform for digital bank guarantees] is certainly a big step in the right direction."
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The Coffee Club logo

Coffee Club

"If I had to put a number to it, it would save us thousands of dollars a year [using this platform]."
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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Lygon and the platform for digital bank guarantees.

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